GOSFIELD Lake Golf Club vice-captain Graham Hurrell and Andy Hawkes were winners of the Autumnal Auction competition.

The Autumnal Auction is a popular one-off event and features a drawn competition with members able to bid for fancied teams.

The competition was very close and the scores were excellent despite the almost constant drizzle that accompanied the round.

The 72 competitors played well with three pairings separated on countback with 72 points.

In fourth place were Chris Richards and Jon Regan, with Michael O’Shea the winning bidder for the pair, while third place went to Barney DeBeer and Paul Rutherford, with Ralph Rowe the owner of this pair.

Also on 72 points were second-placed Russ Lapper and George Castle, who had been backed by Dave Wormall.

However, no-one could match the victors with their winning combined score of 76 points and not content with winning on the course, the vice-captain had shown considerable foresight as he had also bought the team.