EAGLE A found recovered from a slow start against Swiss Bell to take singles and match honours in their Braintree Open Darts League clash.

After losing the pairs 2-1 and drawing the triples, the early setbacks were overcome as the Eagle won the first five singles to secure those points as well as the match.

Notley Sports travelled to Wethersfield Club where they made a good start with a 2-1 win in the pairs and although the hosts came back with a win in the triples, Notley were in command with wins in the opening three singles.

Steve Sheldrake's 2-1 win gave Wethersfield a lifeline, but with Rob Caton, Stewart Thorogood and Mick Hyham winning the remaining games, Notley had the singles and match won.

The Horse and Groom hosted Eagle B and it was the visitors who had the match advantage going into the singles with a 2-1 win in the pairs followed by a draw in the triples.

Honours were shared in the singles to take the match to the final game of the night and a 2-0 win for Kevin Byrne over Kelly Willis gave Eagle the singles and match points.

Welsh Princess opened with a 2-1 pairs win against Cressing B, who hot back to take the triples.

Paul Baker's 2-0 singles win increased Cressing's lead before wins for Charlie Little and Tom Walkinshaw put Welsh back in the hunt, however, Harry Smith, Rob Turner and Jack Whitmore gave Cressing the singles and match wins.

Bocking Club had a nightmare start against Wethersfield Raiders, going down 3-0 in the pairs, losing the triples and the opening singles.

Wins for Dave Joyce and Peter Hayden in the next two games gave Bocking some hope but Andi Thomas, Tony Boreham, Aaron Holden and Bruce Mawdsley wrapped things up for the Raiders.

Braintree Football Club travelled to Cressing A and after losing the pairs 2-1, held the hosts to a draw in the triples. However that was to be the end of the Football Club's challenge as Cressing took all the singles.

Rob Caton, Chris Cook, Tony Cook and Andy Smith all hit 180s and high out shot were recorded by Steve Sheldrake (120), Mick Cain (119), Jimmy Kiddle (109) and Shane Smith (105).