THERE was a tough start for new team Welsh Princess in the opening round of the Braintree Open Darts League's summer season.

Facing winter league winners Cressing A, the newcomers were beaten 2-1 in the pairs, the triples and 7-0 in the singles as the hosts eased to the overall match result.

Notley Sports had the match advantage going into the singles with a 2-1 win in the pairs and a win in the triples against Horse and Groom.

The Groom came back with wins for Rick Marshall and Mark Wooster in the opening singles but with Notley winning the remaining games, they had the points won.

Wethersfield Club opened against Bocking Club with a 2-1 win in the pairs and a draw in the triples.

Colin Barnard and Sam Hayden got Bocking back in the hunt and wins for Dave Joyce and Peter Hayden wrapped the singles points up for them, but Wethersfield's Dave Suckling, Kevin Taylor and Matt Suckling made sure the overall match finished all-square.

The Eagle's A and B teams were playing each other and although losing the doubles 2-1 it was the A team who got off to the better start with a win in the triples followed by three opening singles wins.

The B came back with wins for Alex Chandler and Andy Smith in the next two but with Kelvin Byrne winning the sixth, the A had the singles and match won.

Cressing B travelled to the Swiss Bell and although going down 2-1 in the pairs, the visitors came back with a win in the triples and with three opening singles wins they were just one win away from singles and match success.

Progress was halted when the Swiss won the next two, however, a 2-0 win for Rob Turner over Bron Lawrence in the sixth secured the points for Cressing.

A 2-1 win in the pairs followed by a draw in the triples gave Braintree Football Club a slight match advantage going into the singles against Wethersfield Raiders.

That advantage was extended with wins for Mark Tilley, Alan Dewar and Nicky Bewick, before Ernie Holden and Andi Thomas bought the Raiders back into contention, but Lynn Kelly chalked up a 2-0 win to seal singles and match points for the Football Club.

Paul Little, Andy Smith, Kelvin Byrne and Rob Turner all hit 180s and high out shots were recorded by Dicky Pryke 120, Mark Tilley 106, Jon Islip 106, Matt Last 102, Rob Turner 100, Dan Taylor 98, Deb Webb 96 and Nicky Bewick 74.