THE two Cressing teams played each other in the Braintree Open Darts League and it was the A team who came out top. The B team started off with a 2-1 win in the pairs and followed that up by holding the A side to a draw in the triples, but the singles saw the A side power their way into a match lead with wins for Mick Cain, Richard Pryke and Shane Smith.

Harry Smith and Mark Compton took the next two for the B team to level the match and Paul Baker's 2-1 win edged them ahead but Peter Hayden and Tony Bamsey took the last two games as the A team secured the overall win.

Eagle A lost the pairs 2-1 against visiting Wethersfield Raiders, but they drew the triples and went ahead in the singles with wins for Kevin Byrne and Barry Gatt.

However, Rob Camp, Phil Hume, Andi Thomas and Brendan Hand all won as the Raiders had had the singles and match points secured.

The Retreat travelled to Wethersfield to play the Club team and opened their account with a 3-0 win in the pairs, before a draw in the triples and wins in six of the seven singles to make it an easy win for the visitors.

Notley Sports took a 2-1 pairs win against visiting Swiss Bell and after a drawn triples, went further ahead as Mick Hyham took the opening singles, but Russ Farmer and Bex Farmer squared the match by winning the next two.

Stewart Thurgood's win gave Notley the lead, though, and they secured the match and singles with wins for Graham Chinnery and Dave Islip.

Legends won the pairs and triples against Bocking Club and although Dave Joyce and Jimmy Kiddle claimed singles wins, Legends won the remaining games for overall victory.

Braintree Football Club lost the pairs 3-0 to visiting Eagle B before bouncing back to win the triples.

Honours were shared in the singles so the match outcome hinged on the final game and, with a 2-0 win for Andy Smith, the Eagle secure singles and match points.

Alex Chandler, Matt Baker, Bryan Willis, Chris Holden and Taylor Barnard all hit 180s and high out shots were recorded by Phil Hume, 130; Tom Roberts, 121; Kevin Taylor, 112; Dan Taylor, 109; Shane Smith, 100; Dawn Kennedy 103 and 98.