BILLY Walker made it a double on the Braintree and Bocking Angling Society matches.

On Friday at Notley, in spite of the cold water, he managed to hook four carp and although he was only fishing 06 line to a 24 hook he landed one of around five pounds and had another slip the hook at the net.

He also landed two F1s with roach and skimmers for an easy win, weighing a total of 11-11-0.

Pete Thompson also lost a carp early in the match, but went on to catch small roach and rudd for 1-14-0 and second.

The Sunday match was on Hobbs Croft at the Fennes and it turned out to be one of those matches where the fish appeared to be at one end of the match length in the early numbers.

Walker drew the first peg and was catching small roach from the start.

The size of the fish increased as they came in spells throughout the match and he became the clear winner with 12-13-0.

Sections (excluding winner): 1 J Loosley 8-4-0, 2 J Downham 1-4-0.