One of the most distinctive haircuts on the Amlin Stadium terraces is set to disappear if Braintree Town finish the season in the Skrill Premier play-off places.

Daniel Turner has been one of the most recognisable fans among the crowd watching the Iron since he first started going in 2009, with his distinctive long brown hair being ever-present behind the goals at either end of the ground.

However, that may be set to change as the 16-year-old Tabor School pupil has vowed to have his locks cut off if Braintree secure a top-five finish in the Skrill Premier this year.

In the wake of last week’s rousing 4-0 win at Southport, he posted on his Facebook page that the scissors would be wielded, but following the initial euphoria of another three points towards their target, Daniel is having a few second thoughts.

He said: “I’m still confident that I’ll have to get it cut, but I do regret saying I’d have it done a little bit now.

“I was buzzing so much after the game against Southport that I thought ‘yeah, I’ll do it’ but now I’ve realised how close we are and what a possibility it is and there is a little bit of regret.

“But it’s still for a great cause."

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