A LEADING business expert told an audience in Chelmsford barriers to growth need to be lifted to help enhance the economy.

Speaking at the opening of the Chelmsford City Showcase for Business at Anglia Ruskin University, South East Local Enterprise Partnership chairman John Spence spoke of the importance of the county and region to the British economy.

He went onto say councils in the area need to be allowed to grow ambitious projects to keep stimulate the financial situation across the country.

Mr Spence said: “As an economic powerhouse, contributing £63bn a year to the national economy, the South East is rich with opportunity.

“We have councils doing great jobs and super businesses wanting to grow. Now we need to find the formula which will enable them to fulfil their ambitions.”

The chairman outline steps the SELEP are taking to help the region achieve the goal of becoming the most enterprising economy in England.

These include helping local authorities find the best resources available to them and ensuring the skills of the workforce in the region match the demands of businesses currently and in the future.