A GRIEVING wife has been given hope in her fight for justice after a man was arrested in connection with the death of her husband.

Glenn Hudson, 50, fell 150 metres to his death in a parasailing accident while on a holiday in Turkey in July 2010.

He was parasailing alongside his daughter, Emma, when his safety harness snapped and he plunged to his death. Two men, the owner of the company and the driver of the boat, were jailed for 20 months after they were found guilty of criminal negligence in April 2011.

The pair, who were in charge of the £40 trips, were freed from jail after they appealed against the decision. Wife Linda, 52, of Westlake Crescent, Wivenhoe, and children Emma, 27, and Benn, 24, have been fighting for justice ever since.

Their patience has been rewarded after a third man was arrested in Turkey.

He is due to appear in a Turkish court charged with criminal negligence.

Mrs Hudson said: “We have always said there were two people in the boat Glenn was parasailing from.

“Originally the owner said there wasn’t another man involved, but they have caught him now.

“We have actually been back to court again, but he didn’t turn up.

“He will be made to go to court in September.”

The family were warned it could take years for the original two men to appear before the courts again following the appeal.

Mrs Hudson said she has renewed hope they will be brought to justice soon after the latest arrest.

She said: “These people have not paid a price in any way.

“I really was surprised when I was told the news. I had told myself they wouldn’t find him.

“I have to say I have had my faith in the Turkish people restored, because they tracked him down.”

The family has continued to call for lessons to be learnt from the tragedy.

Mrs Hudson wants more rigorous security checks to be put in place.

She said: “People will be going on holiday soon. Check your harness, if it’s faded it’s not good.”