ENGINEERS will soon arrive to start preparations for a second nuclear power station in Bradwell.

Residents will receive letters as EDF Energy and China General Nuclear Power Corporation start work on Bradwell B, at a greenfield site next to the former station.

In January, it was announced the Government had asked nuclear regulators to begin the process of approving a Chinese-designed reactor for the new power plant at Bradwell.

This week a letter has been sent to residents by Zhu Minhong, CEO of Bradwell Power Generation Company, and Richard Mayson, deputy CEO, explaining the upcoming works.

EDF has said the works need to be undertaken before a series of permits and licences can be granted.

The letter states: “Before we are able to prepare applications for these, we need to undertake a variety of investigative and technical studies to understand the site and surrounding environment in more detail.

“As part of this, early site investigation and assessment work is required, which we are now beginning to plan and undertake. The results of these will then be used to inform the power station proposals themselves.

“We do not expect investigatory work to affect residents.

“However, if you are in the vicinity of our land you might come across our work which will involve a small team of engineers and technical specialists undertaking bore holes and other surveys.”

The letter said work was underway into the reactor technology to develop a third generation water reactor, similar to the Sizewell B reactor in Suffolk.

Some of the work will require planning permission from Maldon District Council, with applications set to be submitted in the coming weeks.