KEEN train spotters have been trespassing on the tracks in a bid to get a better view of the Tornado steam train.

The famous train travelled from Liverpool Street to Walton this morning for the first time in honour of the railway station's 150th anniversary. 

The Tornado 60163, the first Peppercorn class A1 steam train to be made since they were scrapped in 1966, was commissioned by Tendring District Council chairman Mark Platt.

Once arriving in Walton the Tornado will shuttle between Colchester five times to give 1,500 people an opportunity to board the world famous train.

Tickets for the Tornado have been sold out for weeks but enthusiasts have caused delays by getting too close to the track to view the trains passing, Greater Anglia has confirmed.

The incidents has caused delays and forced trains to go at slower speeds.

Spectators are being asked to stay well away from the tracks and enjoy the day safely.