A roadsweeper crashed into a ditch during wet conditions along a notorious accident blackspot.

The Braintree Council vehicle came into difficulties along Church Hill, Faulkbourne, at around 9.30am last Tuesday.

In February, a pregnant woman was injured when the car she was a passenger in overturned in Church Hill.

Another crash took place last November when a historic postbox was smashed by a car a short distance along the same road in White Notley.

White Notley and Faulkbourne parish councillor John Fraser said: “This crash just reinforces that it is not safe for us to walk down this road.

“From the traffic lights where the roadworks are happening, it looks like it has travelled about 100 yards down the road.”

A Braintree Council spokesman said: “The driver ran into difficulties whilst manoeuvring the vehicle around traffic management cones along a stretch of road with quite a severe camber.

“This caused his outside wheel to slip off the road taking the vehicle into a ditch.

“Drivers, vehicle recovery workers staff and road workers all confirm that this was not a result of careless driving or speeding.

“The vehicle was recovered within two hours and no damage was caused to either the vehicle or driver.”