WITHAM'S MP has called on members of Braintree Council’s planning committee to throw out plans for a large development.

Priti Patel believes the proposals, for land off Gleneagles Way, Hatfield Peverel, would destroy the greenfield site which has strong landscape and agricultural value.

The outline planning application for 120 houses has been recommended by council officers for approval, despite a similar proposal for 145 houses last year being refused.

Ms Patel, who has written to the council to object to the proposal, said: “This planning application is opposed by residents across Hatfield Peverel and the planning committee should reject it. The development is too large for the site and would destroy this highly regarded greenfield site.

“Local people in Hatfield Peverel have worked hard to put forward their own Neighbourhood Development Plan which favours alternative sites for housing, including a brownfield site.

"Approving this site would not only damage the character of the village but undermine the positive action being taken to encourage sensible and sustainable development in the village.

"Development on this site off of Gleneagles Way has always been opposed and it would be very disappointing for the council to accept development on this site now.”