A children's charity raised thousands through an accessible fun run.

Witham-based charity Brainwave supports children with disabilities and additional needs through tailored therapy.

The charity raised £6,000 through Parallel London, an accessible run which allows participants to walk, jog, run or be pushed distances from 100m to 10km with no cut off time.

Seven children who are supported by the charity took part, including five-year-old Cady Paddon who walked the Super Sensory 1km.

Her parents, Stacy and Todd Paddon, said: “Cady was born with a genetic condition which has affected her development in all areas.

“We don’t know exactly what condition she has as the gene responsible hasn’t been identified yet.

“But at two months shy of two years of age, she couldn’t sit up by herself, crawl or pull up to stand.

“Within three weeks of the first visit, she was sitting up, and shortly after her second birthday she crawled for the first time.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

Cady continued to visit Brainwave two or three times a year where therapists would tweak her programme, recognising her achievements and adding new exercises.

At three years, three months and 19 days, she took her first independent steps.

Mr and Mrs Paddon said: “Today, at five years old, she walks primarily with a walker outdoors, but is walking more and more on her own at home and at school.

“She grows stronger and stronger every day, in no small part thanks to the Brainwave programme.

“As her mobility has improved, and we have turned our focus to other aspects of her development.

“She also has an intellectual disability, but it hasn’t stopped her learning her alphabet this year.”

For more information visit brainwave.org.uk.