A NEW education business centre for a multi academy trust has been unveiled in Witham.

On Friday, Witham Town Mayor JoAnn Williams and headteacher Jane Bass launched the centre, in Cressing Road, Witham.

The aim of the centre is to promote the learning of pupils of Powers Hall Academy, Templars Academy and Silver End Primary School - all of which are part of Connected Learning, a multi academy trust.

Mrs Bass, is the chief executive officer of the trust and executive headteacher of Connected Learning.

She said: "As an Academy Trust, every member of staff is committed to delivering an exceptional level of education. This development allows us to continue to promote high educational standards and outcomes for every pupil and parent.

"The new centre will also continue to play a part in the community, offering parenting classes and support to local mums and dads.

Connected Learning multi academy trust now includes five schools, Cherry Tree Primary School and Iceni Academy, both in Colchester, Powers Hall Academy, Templars Academy and Silver End Primary School.

Ms Patel said: "The new business centre is a fantastic development for the provision of education in Witham.

"Parents will be reassured that schools can work together, share knowledge and expertise so teachers can prioritise each pupil’s progress and attainment. This development will mean that more resources will be freed-up and focused on driving up education standards.

"This opening is also a celebration of the success of the academies programme which offers schools a greater degree of flexibility in the teaching and learning of pupils. This allows schools to significantly narrow attainment gaps in local communities, whilst also ensuring provision is fit for the future."

Mrs Williams called the centre a "wonderful addition" for education in the town and said she was impressed with the ethos of the trust.

Visit www.connectedlearningmat.co.uk.