A hairdresser was conned by a woman who left without paying for a £120 treatment.

The woman left a fake phone number on a disclaimer form and brought in her husband who only offered a €500 note, believed to be fake.

The salon’s owner, who did not wish to be named, said: “She wanted colour but she had not had a skin test so I got her to sign a disclaimer, she signed it Margaret O’Donald and she gave a fake phone number with ten digits.

“She said her husband was coming up to pay and I went to the desk because I knew there was going to be aggro and he asked if we took euros.

“He said I have only got €500. I was not going to change it and I told him to go to the bank.”

The pair are described as being in their early to mid 30s with two boys who were between four and seven.

They both spoke with an Irish accent and the man was about 6ft tall with a bald head.

The director said: “He said he would come back tomorrow and while he was distracting me she went downstairs.

“I told him he had to pay now and he came down the stairs and said I’ll be back, which he didn’t do.

“I’ve never seen a €500 note, we wouldn’t know if it was real or fake.

“I wish I had gone down and locked all the doors.

“They will get away with it because people will be frightened of them. I’ve not reported it to the police because there’s no point.”

A Cash In Hand employee confirmed the same man, identified by CCTV, had been in and asked for a €500 note to be changed up.

Contact police on 101