A CHARITY has been visited by the High Sheriff of Essex.

Witham based charity Brainwave works to support children with disabilities by helping to improve their mobility, communication skills and learning potential through therapies.

The centre had a visit from Simon Hall, High Sheriff of Essex, on August 2 when he was introduced to staff and taken on a tour.

Mr Hall was appointed in April and as High Sheriff his role was traditionally to uphold the Queen’s peace as her representative for law and order.

However it has evolved and now has an emphasis on promoting crime prevention and community safety.

Geraldine Gould, community manager for Brainwave, said: "It was an absolute pleasure to have the High Sheriff of Essex visit our children’s therapy centre and to explain to him about the work we do with the lovely children who have disabilities and additional needs and their families that attend our Centre.

"Simon was very interested in knowing as much as possible about the therapy we offer and seeing some of the equipment we use.

"We cannot thank him enough for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and visit us as we have had visits from all the High Sheriffs of Essex since our centre opened and this year is special as we are celebrating our tenth anniversary."

Brainwave differs from other charities because it carries out a two-day assessment before its therapists devise an exercise therapy programme for parents to carry out at home.

The charity does not receive any Government funding so if anyone would like to support Brainwave they should contact Gerry on 07725956014 or gerrygould@brainwave.org.uk