POLICE are reminding people to stay safe as they gear up for V Festival. 

With up to 60,000 people expected to attend the two-day festival from August 19, police have warned festival-goers to make sure they keep themselves safe.

Essex Police has worked with the festival organisers and Chelmsford City Council on plans for the festival. 

Deputy Chief Constable BJ Harrington said: “If you are coming to V Festival in Chelmsford you can expect to have a great time in a safe environment. 

“We are supporting the event organiser’s safety and security operation at the festival site and we have extra police resources across the county for what will be a busy weekend and will make sure any serious incidents are dealt with quickly to keep festival goers safe." 

He said police are confident there is an extensive security operation. If anyone sees anything suspicious they should call 101 or 999 in an emergency. 

He said: “People on their way to the festival site may see armed police officers on patrol. Those officers are there for safety and reassurance and not in response to any specific threat so please don’t be alarmed by their presence.”

“The V festival is not the only big event in Essex that weekend. Extra policing resource will be available across the county and we also have a thorough policing plan for the Southend carnival. I am truly grateful to all the officers, staff and Specials who have committed their time and energy, particularly through overtime or rest days, to keeping Essex safe this summer.”

Information about the festival, including a list of items prohibited from being taken onto the festival site, can be found at http://www.vfestival.com/information/essentials.

Information on a V Festival app is available here, which includes tips on safety.