TWINS from Braintree are off to university having achieved top marks in their international baccalaureate exams.

Felsted School students Tomisin and Tobiloba Ojuri, 18, are heading to Newcastle University to study biomedical genetics and biomedical science respectively.

At birth Tobi was diagnosed with necrotising enterocolitis, a condition which causes tissues in the intestine to become inflamed and start to die, and now hopes to have a career in surgery or medial research.

He said: “I decided to work in the medical industry due to my medical history.

“At birth, I was diagnosed with necrotising enterocolitis.

“The doctors said I had a low chance of survival but their dedication motivated me to pursue a medical career.

“After Felsted, I am heading off to study biomedical science at Newcastle University.

“I am hoping to transfer in my first year to the medicine course so I will be retaking my UKCAT.

“If unsuccessful, I will reapply in my third year.”

Tomi is off to study biomedical genetics and also hopes to become a doctor because of other family members in the medical profession.

Both twins will spend their summer volunteering in the Felsted International Summer School.

The school achieved a 100 per cent pass rate in its international baccalaureate exams and maintained its three year average of 34 points per candidate.

The score is better than an average score of AAB at A Level and in all subjects more than six per cent of results were graded at five points or above, out of a maximum of seven A total of 45 per cent of all results were graded at six points or above