A MUM whose Braintree home was ransacked twice in less than a year has told of the toll it has taken on her mental health.

The Fairview Estate resident, who asked to remain anonymous, was burgled in August last year and was horrified when she returned home from a trip to find it had happened again.

Thieves took a large black safe and distinctive items of Chinese gold jewellery.

She said: “I came in on Sunday evening and saw lights on and I thought that was weird. It wasn’t double locked and cupboards were open.

“My son went in and looked to the second floor and saw the attic was open and I got a bit worried – what if someone was in the attic?

“I went and locked us in the car. Police came out 15 minutes later.”

The resident believes a similar incident happened to her neighbour and fears professional thieves may be targeting Asian households because of the type of jewellery they stole.

Braintree and Witham Times:

She has now been left with symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), feels paranoid and is having trouble sleeping.

She said: “They moved a safe which was drilled in through the wardrobe, they definitely needed a car.

“They took off the lock barrel on the back door.

The forensic team said it was so professional and they didn’t have to smash any glass. It would not make a noise at all.

“Maybe the neighbourhood can help each other out and report anything suspicious. Even people parking there, suspicious looking cars going around. If you go away let neighbours know.

“I’m considering putting an alarm in and CCTV so we will feel safe at night.”

The resident was unable to secure her door that night and thanked the White Hart in Witham for providing her and two young children with accommodation at midnight.

A spokesman for Essex Police confirmed no arrests have been made following the raid on April 23. Anyone with information should contact 101.