COUNCILLORS are finding out whether zebra crossings in Witham should be upgraded.

Councillor Phil Barlow raised an issue with the town council over crossings in Maldon Road and Braintree Road.

He felt they were not visible enough, and wants to ask residents whether they feel the same.

He said: "There is a question of whether the zebra crossings could be upgraded.

"From personal experience a lot of people ignore them, we have asked about traffic flows to see whether we can put a better controls there.

"Part of the difficulty is people accelerate up and all of a sudden there is a crossing there, it's problematic."

The matter will be discussed at a meeting to see whether traffic flow should be measured.

He said: "I don't think any of us understood what the requirements were to upgrade it, there may have been near misses but it's trying to understand what the criteria is.

"We want to raise a bit of awareness and see whether the public feels cars not stopping is a regular occurrence.

"Some residents say they take their lives in their hands crossing at the service station in Maldon Road.

"We can argue it's an accident waiting to happen unless people take better care."