A CAR has been written off after a hit and run in a supermarket car park.

Emma Bidwell, from Witham, said her mum and dad, Jill and Jess Freeborn, were visiting Tesco when they were hit from behind.

Her mum, from Wickham Bishops, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January, has to use a disabled space as she cannot walk without assistance.

The couple had been visiting the store in the Grove Shopping Centre in Witham when the incident happened.

Emma Bidwell said: “My dad was about to pull into a disabled parking space when he saw a red Fiesta that wasn’t in one of the bays.

“He thought the Fiesta was just sitting there so he went to park and the Fiesta started reversing at speed.

“They hit the back end of my dad’s Audi and his car has been written off.”

She said the driver had got out of the car to check on her dad and had apologised.

But as her dad went back to the car to get some paper to exchange details, another passenger in the Fiesta shouted for the driver to get back into the car.

She said: “Someone else shouted for her to go and she jumped back in the car and drove off.”

Mrs Bidwell said police had been called but nobody was injured.

The CCTV footage had been checked at Tesco, but the daughter said it only showed the car leaving the car park.

She said: “My parents have been left without a vehicle, mum doesn’t go anywhere without her wheelchair and they have been left without a car.”

It happened on Monday, April 10 at about 2.25pm.