A LANDOWNER has urged Braintree Council to resolve a planning application after a spate of vandalism saw industrial units broken into and damaged.

Broomhills Industrial Estate, in Braintree, is the subject of a planning application which would see the land turned into 107 homes with parking.

The landowner, Plutus Estates, says it is startled at the vandalism .

One resident described the area as a hazard after vandals struck about two weeks ago.

John Betteridge, of Nayling Road, Braintree, said: “The units were all boarded up until about two weeks ago, there is a lot of glass which is only getting worse.

“It’s a hazard when I’m walking my dog and particularly as we have got the local school, St Michael’s, and children around.

“It looks as if someone has been forcing a roller shutter open. The roof looks like it could be asbestos so if they get damaged that’s another hazard, if there’s a fire then it’s serious.

“I did read there were plans for housing there, but the trouble is if it’s not imminent things will get worse before they get better.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

Mr Betteridge, who has lived in the area for 30 years, has written to Braintree Council expressing his concern. The land was sold by Sainsbury’s in February after a failed planning application for a supermarket.

The site is now derelict with several units wide open and glass shattered across the floor.

Mr Betteridge, 58, added: “People will just break the rest of them. Being as it’s next to residents it’s even more of a hazard.

“The doors have been wedged open now so there’s nothing stopping people getting in, there may be people living there but I’m not going to go and look. I would be happy if they sold it and all the glass was cleaned up and swept away. I can remember back when they were in use and everything was in a much better state.”

A spokesman for Plutus said: “We are startled at the vandalism and complete lack of respect for the buildings and are urging the council to resolve the application and ensure we can deal with the issues quickly and efficiently.”

Braintree and Witham Times: