A FORMER soldier claimed his fear of terrorism was among the numerous reasons why he won't leave his ex-girlfriend alone.

Alexander Clare admitted two counts of harassment at Colchester Magistrates' Court yesterday.

The court heard he breached a restraining order by sending her a 'x' on a text and two more messages on January 9.

And he sent her a full stop on Instagram on January 11, which meant his picture turned up on her account.

The latest two offences were committed just days after he was given a suspended sentence for offences against the same victim.

Clare, 28, of Hawthorne Rise, Witham, was first convicted of assaulting her followed by other offences against the same victim.

He was given community orders, which he breached.

These were then upgraded to a suspended sentence, which he breached by these latest counts of harassment.

Stephen Sparkes, prosecuting, told the court while it was only an 'x' and then a 'sorry, wrong number' and a 'full stop' these were just the latest incidents.

Selena Dines mitigating said: "Around 2007 to 2012 he was concerned in a tour of Afghanistan.

"In 2015 his friend was found dead.

"It was not related but that brought distress and post traumatic stress disorder.

"He is under psychiatric help from the NHS.

"He is always concerned about the threat of terrorism, something which concerns him at all times."

District Judge John Woollard said: "He is now in breach of every sentence ever made against him."

Turning to the defendant he said: "I am not going to sentence you today I am going to adjourn to March 14.

"It will give you the chance to put forward expert reports.

"I am delaying because of your mitigation, which is not subject to any foundation at this time.

"It is likely the suspended sentence is going to be imposed."

If Clare cannot provide the reports to back up his claims he is likely to be jailed for 24 weeks or more.