A GYMNASTICS club is hoping to move into its own premises allowing it to take on more members.

Dynamix Gymnastics Club is currently based at Notley High School, on Notley Road, Braintree, however the group has applied for planning permission to move into a unit on the Park Drive Industrial Estate, Braintree.

Around 100 children are currently members of the club, however owner Donna Williams says that around 300 more are on the waiting list to join.

She said: “Gymnastics promote so many social and development skills as well as giving a safe environment to do exercise.

“Hopefully at the new premises we will be able to accommodate all the children on the waiting list."

The landlord at the new premises is starting to put in place the necessary changes to the building so if planning permission is approved the club can move straight in.

Mrs Williams said: “For us it is important to stay in Braintree as we want to be a part of the community here.

“It is very frustrating for me at the moment that we cannot take more people.

“We are at the stage where we need to move and we will be forced to move soon.

“These premises would be ideal for us as it is in the same area and there is a community around there - there are schools nearby that we could develop relationships with.”

The full application can be found on the Braintree Council website by searching 17/00139/FUL.