PARKING restrictions are set to be extended along two busy residential streets in Witham in the interests of safety.

Double yellow lines in Guithavon Valley, which were installed around 18 months ago, have since forced commuters to park in nearby Mill Lane.

Residents felt this was putting lives at risk as traffic has to swerve in and out of parked vehicles.

After pressure from campaigners, the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP), submitted proposals in December to extend the restrictions further down Mill Lane and now the changes have been approved.

Crispin Hall, 61, and a resident of Mill Lane, said: “It has been going on for about 18 months now so it is hard to get too excited but when the yellow lines come we will be delighted.

“Entering and exiting our property is very dangerous, at the moment it is a case of playing cat and mouse with cars.

“This is about safety and the situation is the same for many of our neighbours as well.

“I do understand of course that this is going to shunt the problem on to somewhere else in Witham.

“I appreciate that if people have to pay to park it can be a big chunk of their wages and I am empathetic to that, but this parking is unsafe.”

No waiting at any time restrictions will be introduced from Monday, March 6, and drivers will face fines if they continue to park down the road.

County Councillor James Abbott (Witham North, Green) said that the restrictions are a big victory for suffering residents.

He said: “Myself and residents have been involved with this for some time.

“The parked cars cause people to go on the wrong side of the road which is very dangerous.

“The plans will still leave a little bit of parking for residents but it should stop blockages and having a little bit of parking will slow the traffic down.

“The highways panel at Braintree Council have also agreed to put up some new signs we have requested down the road.

“There is an issue as to when this scheme gets implemented but it is also good news for the people who live down both Mill Lane and Guithavon Valley.”

A spokesman for the NEPP said: “The reasons for the proposed yellow lines are to reduce the probability of road traffic accidents occurring, in the interests of public safety, to ensure that emergency services have unimpeded access to residential areas, and to enhance the lines of sight in the local street scene for vulnerable road users, children, pedestrians and drivers alike.

Prior to advertising the proposals, NEPP sought the views of local councillors and Witham Town Council.

To view maps of the proposals visit

A notice will appear in the Braintree and Witham Times on February 23.