A woman is undertaking a difficult two month pilgrimage from France to Rome in a horse drawn carriage.

Ann Bishop, who lives at Bouncer's Farm, Wickham Bishops, is travelling to France with friends Francesca Sirette, Lucy Coyne and Ben Bragley and her three ponies, an Appaloosa named Pebbles, the Welsh section C, Samson, and Captain Jack Sparrow, a Gypsy cob, will be pulling the carriage.

They will be picking up the Via Francigena route in Reims, France, after flying out there on September 1.

They will travel across the country, passing through places such as Chalon-sur-Soane, Bourg-en-Bresse,Pont d'Air, St-Genix-sur-Guiers, Grenoble, Briancon, Col de Montgenerve until they reach Sestriere, in Italy.

From here they will travel across Italy to Rome.