More than 20 former workers at a Braintree textile mill were invited to celebrations to mark the tenth anniversary of a museum dedicated to the mill’s past.

Former Warner and Sons workers visited The Warner Textile Archive in Silks Way to share their memories of the mills, which shut in 1971.

Among them was Patricia Davey, 94, who was “delighted to receive the invitation and was very excited about reminiscing with her former colleagues.”

She was 15 when she started working at the mill and made materials including silks for the parachutes used in the Second World War.

John Mckee, chairman of Braintree District Museum Trust Ltd, said: “The event was a huge success. “It was a delight to see so many former employees of Warner and Sons and share their memories of their time working here.

“Their insights and memories will provide invaluable as we continue to develop our understanding of the archive collection over the next decade.”