Can you name the players in this old snap?

Here are some of the names -

Back row left to right: Plumb, Harvey?, Whittaker, ?, ?, Hardy
Front row left to right: Sammes, Succamore, Broyd (captain), Elliston, Kemp.

Geoffrey Elliston of Edinburgh Gardens, Braintree, sent in this snap of Braintree County High School First Eleven team 1950-51.

Mr Elliston, 78, said: “There’s one or two of them in the picture that I still meet up with, but some of them I can’t remember their names.

“I think it’s because at the time they used to change us around and people left.

“We used to play every Saturday morning at Bocking Place which has all been developed now with the skateboard ramp.”

Do you recognise any of the face and can you fill in the missing names?

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