People have long been fascinated with the Russian Revolution and the fate of the Imperial family after the uprising in 1905.

Specific interest has centred on the fate of the daughter of Tsar Nicolas II, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, who many believed had managed to escape before the rest of her family were executed, although historians now mainly agree that she was massacred by the Bolsheviks along with the rest of her family in 1918.

However, a production is looking to challenge this idea.

Royce Ryton’s The Anastasia File, performed by the Witham Dramatic Society, centres on a woman dragged from a canal in 1920s Berlin.

Rumours circulate that she is the grand duchess, although she makes no claim to this herself, and a police officer, who is at first sceptical, becomes increasingly convinced that she is Anastasia.

The arguments for and against the woman’s case are brought vividly to life in this cleverly constructed play – part historical drama, part detective story – as it spans over a time period of 50 years.

Performances run from June 19-21 and start at 7.45pm. Tickets cost £8 in advance or £9 on the door. There are concessions for senior citizens and children under 16 for the Thursday performance.

Tickets are available from the club’s website,, by phone on 0845 017 8717 or or in person from the Visitor Information Centre at Witham Town Hall which is open 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.