Pupils will now be cycling safely thanks to a scheme.

A group of Year Seven pupils at Maltings Academy, Spinks Lane, have passed their level three cycling proficiency test under Essex County Council’s Bikability scheme, which taught them about road junctions, roundabouts and road positioning as well as potential hazards.

Assistant vice principal Daren White, who is a keen cyclist, said: “We saw the students’ confidence grow incredibly from the morning to the afternoon. They learnt how to put themselves in a strong position to make themselves safe on the road.

“They rode from one side of Witham to the other. For most, that will have been the furthest they have ever cycled.

“Learning to ride a bike on the road is an important life skill. It is also a cheap, efficient and healthy mode of transport which is great fun.

“With the Tour de France coming through Essex in the summer, there will be an increased interest in cycling and we want our students to be safe.”