LITTLE Felix Baulch is set to undergo pioneering surgery to save his sight after years of battling a rare eye cancer.

Felix, five, who has retinoblastoma, will be the second child in the country to have intravenous chemotherapy.

A special jelly will be injected into his left eye at at the Royal London Hospital.

Felix’s right eye was removed in September last year.

His mum, Louise, 43, of Inworth Road, Feering, said: “He started school in September and he had been at school for two weeks when we were given the blow the cancer had come back aggressively in his right eye.

“There were no options because it came down to saving his life.

“He had his eye removed and then because the cancer had spread to to the front of his eye they were concerned it had spread to the rest of his body so he had to undergo gruelling chemotherapy.”

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