A dance crew who hope to perform on stage in Witham are appealing for sponsors to help them make this their best show yet.

Taylor Crew, a Witham based dance company, is trying to raise money to cover hall hire and the costs of costumes for their upcoming show at the Witham Public Hall, in Collingwood Road.

The group, led by dance teacher Carol Taylor, will be fundraising over the coming months but also hopes to find sponsors to contribute to the preparation of the show, which will be held on July 5.

Taylor Crew consists of young dancers, many from local schools, aged between nine and 26 and practice a variety of styles including ballet, modern, tap and contemporary.

Each member has contributed to the choreography of routines that will be performed in the show.

The group is also looking for a new enthusiastic and quick learning member aged 16+.

Anyone interested in joining the group or helping with sponsorship should contact the Debutants crew through their Facebook page or email debutants@live.com