The new tenant of Braintree’s Pop-Up Shop has officially opened the doors of her children’s clothes store, Kids Clobber.

The shop, which sells stylish and affordable clothing for babies and young children, has been opened by Braintree resident, Sally Griffiths.

Miss Griffiths, 47, of Mill Park, said: “I had breast cancer three years ago and have always worked in retail but with the treatment I wasn’t able to work for about two years.

“But I've now got to an age where I’m a single mum and I want to earn some better money.

“Apart from Tescos and Peacocks there’s nowhere else really to go for children’s clothes. I’m pleased with the response the shop has had so far.”

The Pop-Up shop, The Egg, has had four other tenants since it opened in March 2013, led by the Braintree Town Team, Braintree Council and Ignite Business Enterprise.

The shop, which is funded by Portas Pilot, aims to provide new businesses with a taste of a retail environment over a 12-week period without the risks of a long-term commitment.

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