Braintree employers have welcomed a new allowance which will save them money and enable them to take on more workers.

The new Employment Allowance means they won’t have to pay employer National Insurance contributions (NICs) if they usually pay less than £2,000 a year and will also be able to employ four adults or ten 18 to 20-year-olds full-time on the current National Minimum Wage without paying any NICs at all.

Emily Wood and partner Andrew Pennock, have owned Something Scrummy in Coggeshall Road, Braintree, for 19 months.

They hope to expand their business, which was recently a Business Excellence Awards finalist in the Love Where You Shop category, in the future.

Miss Wood, 28, of Cressing Road, Braintree, said: “We always said the next step would be to get somewhere bigger and then we would need more staff so this would help then.”

To check your eligibility for the allowance and for more information visit and to see how you could benefit visit the online calculator at:

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