A mother is upset her son cannot go swimming because a leisure centre have failed to fix a broken disabled hoist.

Matthew Harvey, 11, of Gimson Close, Witham, has suffered from Duchenne muscular dystrophy since birth, which requires him to use a wheelchair.

But he has been unable to take part in swimming sessions organised by his school because the hoist at Bramston Sports Centre, in Bridge Street, has been broken for the last four weeks.

Staff at Powers Hall Academy had initially lifted Matthew into the pool instead, but have been ordered to stop because of risk of injury.

Matthew’s mum, Emma Harvey, 36, said: "For Matthew the benefits of going in the water are great because he can actually stand and walk up and down.

"Swimming is the best thing he can do - because his friends are doing it he wants to do it as well."

A spokesman for centre operator Fusion Lifestyle apologised for the inconvenience.