A complaint made following the resignation of six parish councillors and a clerk looks unlikely to be pursued.

Former Coggeshall Parish Council clerk Ray Coster branded the authority “dysfunctional” when he, chairman Patricia Meredith, vice-chairman Karen Mills and councillors Sarah Parsons, Michael Horne, Brian Spraggon and Melanie Hewitt all departed in November last year.

In the weeks following the mass walkout, a complaint was received by Braintree Council’s monitoring officer, although the nature of it was never confirmed.

Braintree Council has now said the complainant has failed to respond to a request for clarification on certain points and has not confirmed whether they wish to formalise the complaint.

In the meantime, John Lewis, Sheila Mellor, Karen Farrell and George Florence have all been elected to Coggeshall Parish Council, while an election for the final two seats was due to take place yesterday.