A wild goose has taken to bossing ducks around after it was taken in by a vet receptionist’s family.

The a female grey leg goose was brought in to Millennium Veterinary Practice three weeks ago after it was spotted wandering along Rayne Road, Braintree.

After a check-up from vets, the goose, which has been named Rowena after a Harry Potter character, has been taken in by receptionist Kelly Hayhow.

Kelly, 35, who has worked at the practice in Millennium Way, Braintree, for four years, said: “She is with my parents now - they’ve got a pond.

“They’ve also got some rescue ducks in the pond. She settled in quickly and loves following them and bossing them around.

“Though cute, this is not ideal and now that she is better I am going to look for a better place where she can live with her own kind."