A school is clamping down on “incredibly rude” students who walk away from staff.

Notley High School and Braintree Sixth Form, in Notley Road, Braintree, have introduced a new policy which will see repeat offenders temporarily excluded.

Headteacher Simon Thompson has called for “mutual respect” between staff and students.

In a letter to parents, Mr Thompson said: “We are proud of the behaviour of our students, the vast majority of whom are helpful, co-operative individuals, keen to work productively with the teaching and support staff of the school.

“Unfortunately, in recent weeks, we have seen a growing number of incidents in which a small number of students have been defiant, and have walked away from staff when being spoken to, simply because they do not wish to listen to what is being said."

The new policy will mean students are given detention for a first offence and excluded from lessons for second and third offences.