A council has offered financial support to a football club following criticisms of its latest budget.

In last week’s Times, Witham Town FC expressed disappointment at a perceived lack of support from Braintree Council.

The club’s comments came after the council set aside £75,000 for Braintree Town FC’s new stadium in its budget for the upcoming year.

Council leader Graham Butland has written to Witham Town secretary Kevin Carroll to respond to the criticisms.

He reiterates the £75,000 for the proposed stadium in Panfield Lane, Braintree, is a repayable loan and has pledged to provide similar help to other clubs.

Mr Butland said: “The site the club may relocate to is also a strategic development site and so it makes sense that the council is involved in this project.

“It also means that we can ensure that the economic and community benefits of such a move are maximised.”