A motorist has spoken of his panic after becoming stuck in flood water and slowly noticing his car start to float.

Malcolm Doe, who is born and bred in Terling, was one of a number of people to get stuck in flood water over the weekend.

He had driven up from London with his wife, daughter and her boyfriend, to visit his father Leslie Doe, 92, of Terling, on Saturday.

But he got stuck under a bridge shortly after 9pm in Terling Hall Road.

Mr Doe, who is in his sixties, said: "Although I was born down here, I have never seen it this bad.

"When I came down it was dark and I thought I will go through the water slowly, but then my headlights started to get musty.

"I put the car into reverse and then it started lifting up and floating.

"I just wanted to get out."

Three fire crews arrived on scene and quickly got the passengers out of the car safely.