A young chef will star in Jamie Oliver’s latest show as he tries to reignite a love for some long forgotten recipes.

James Self, 20, of Stubbs Lane, Braintree, will feature in the Friday Night Feast episode on February 7 along with three other Colchester Institute student chefs.

They were filmed with the Naked Chef star over the summer holidays last year as he made the almost forgotten Victorian dessert, the Colchester Pudding, which includes ingredients such as tapioca, custard and meringue.

James, who is a former Alec Hunter pupil, was handpicked by his tutor to take part in the show but the students were initially keep in the dark about what was happening.

James, who is also a chef at the Bocking Village Club, said: “We were told Channel 4 were coming in to do some filming.

“Before we were told it was Jamie Oliver we narrowed it down to a few options, we thought maybe Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal, but we thought Jamie Oliver was the most likely."