A fund of £100,000 to improve a congested road junction has yet to be spent six years after it was agreed.

The money, which will go towards improving the junction of Newland Street and The Grove, in Witham, was first agreed in February 2008.

Residents say the junction becomes clogged by drivers turning right out of The Grove heading towards the A12.

Essex County Council (ECC) was allocated the money under the terms of two planning applications granted in 2008.

Section 106 funds, paid by developers to the community when a planning application is granted, are set aside by councils for specific projects.

Allan Waight, chairman of the Grove Residents Association, said: “In the evening, during the rush hour, the traffic blocks up and stops people getting around.

“It is a major congestion point and it is because of the inability to turn right towards Colchester - the road is too narrow.”