For the first time in more than a decade, Essex could escape any winter snow.

In October last year weather expert Tom Defty released his winter forecast predicting that there would no snowfall in the county.

Half way through the winter season he has reiterated his belief that not a single snowflake will fall.

Mr Defty said: “I said it in October and I will still stick with the statement that this may be the first winter since 2002 that we see no snow, not a single flake in Essex.

“It is past Mid Winters Day, we have survived without snow so far.

“From now it is going to be more of the same, it is going to be more rain and very mild weather.

“In terms of one of the biggest things people will notice is the spring bulbs coming through, the rose bushes flowering and the trees have got buds on.

“I have been sent so many photos of daffodils.

“Normally when everything progresses early we have a sudden cold snap but I have not seen anything significant in the forecast.”

He added that even if cold winds were to come from Europe the North Sea temperatures are so warm that it would be unlikely to cause a cold snap.