A grieving father has described the fight for justice after his son was killed by a short sighted driver.

Paul Gunn’s son Laurence was hit by a car while walking his dog, Misty, across a pedestrian crossing in London in March 2012.

He died of his injuries the following day.

Mohammed Rashid was arrested and Mr Gunn successfully appealed the Crown Prosecution charging decision so that he was tried for death by dangerous driving.

During the court case the 23-year-old driver admitted he had not worn his glasses for more than a year and admitted to the lesser offence of death by careless driving.

During sentencing last week he was told he should have been more “prudent” in wearing glasses but had not actually broken the law by not wearing them.

He was given 140 hours unpaid work, £500 fine, eight points on his licence and a one year driving ban.

Mr Gunn, 58, of Thresher Rise, Great Notley, said: “I just wanted justice for my son and I don’t think the right sentence has been given."