If a pair of your shoes has suddenly disappeared, you might find answers by visiting the home of Braintree’s very own four-legged cat burglars.

Ever since they were adopted as kittens four years ago by Margaret and Eddie Boddy, of Marlborough Road, cheeky feline thieves Eric and Ernie have been pinching clothes, shoes and even underwear from nearby homes.

The couple, who have five grandchildren, manage to return most of the stolen items to their owners but have no idea where the four-year-old cats’ recent loot - four pairs of shoes - have come from.

Mrs Boddy, 67, said: “It’s amazing, they bring the pairs in one shoe at a time.

“I think they’re going further afield now as we’ve knocked at our immediate neighbours and these things don’t belong to them. We’d like to return the shoes back to their owners if we could."

If you recognise any of the items please email Mrs Boddy on margaret_boddy@hotmail.com