A dog owner is desperate for information after two of his beloved spaniels were stolen from home.

The two brown and white springer spaniels were taken from an outbuilding in Fairstead Road, Fairstead, between 7.15pm and 10.30pm on Friday night.

The dogs' owner, Gary Notley, believes the pair, a bitch named Nell and a male dog named Larsson, may have been stolen for breeding purposes.

He said: "Nell is spayed and Larsson is sterile - first and foremost they are just family pets."

Braintree and Witham Times: Female dog Nell has also been stolen

Mr Notley discovered the dogs had been taken when he went to the summer house in his garden on Friday night to give them a biscuit before bedtime.

Larsson is identifiable by a distinctive bald patch on his rump area.

A reward is available if the dogs are found and returned safely.

Anyone with information about the missing dogs is asked to call PC Simpson at Braintree police station on 101.