A fed-up pensioner who put up bollards in a desperate attempt to protect his home has taken his battle to the Queen in a final roll of the dice.

Owen Allan, 75, of Beaufort Gardens, Braintree, claims motorists treat his estate like a racetrack and vehicles have left the road and damaged the railings in front of his home about half a dozen times.

The retired medical technician fears it is only a matter of time before a car comes careering through his bungalow and has spent the last year pressing for speed bumps to be introduced.

He eventually resorted to installing concrete bollards outside his home after growing frustrated at Essex County Council’s reluctance to introduce new traffic-calming measures.

After further communication with Essex County Council, Mr Allan wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron in the summer.

He received a response from officials at 10 Downing Street in July thanking him for the letter and indicating the matter had been handed to the Department for Transport.

But after making no further progress, Mr Allan has now sent a four-page handwritten letter to the Queen in a last-ditch attempt to sway the council.