A YOUNG couple will appear in a documentary to see what it is like to move in together for the first time.

Liam Wildish, 23, and Leah Wood, 22, who currently live with Liam's dad in Coggeshall Road, moved into a flat of their own for a week for The Hotel of Mum and Dad documentary.

Liam, a carer for Total Care Direct, said: “Moving into our own place is something we have started thinking about recently so it was really nice to be able to see what it was like to to budget, cook our own food and live with each other in our own place before we do it for real.

The couple, who have been together for six years, learnt how to budget for the program, which will be broadcast on BBC3 in the autumn and now feel more confident about moving out and hope to have their own place next year.

“It was a really good experience as now we’re a bit more prepared for all of the difficult things like budgeting and travelling for work when we do eventually move out,” said Liam.