A godmother whose Christmas parcel went missing was annoyed to receive six first glass stamps as compensation.

Carolyn Hobbs sent a parcel of birthday and Christmas presents to her goddaughter in Swindon on December 14, but it is still missing.

After weeks of waiting she filed a complaint with proof of postage but was sent the book of stamps-worth £3.60 in shops- as she did not have receipts for the purchases.

The parcel, worth about £10, included a book from Amazon, which had been bought with others so there was no individual receipt for it, and a unique handmade fairy charm.

The 54-year-old of Spa Road, Witham, said: “I am pretty peeved really.

“I do understand they need a receipt, as a business they need to tally the figures.

“But you don’t necessarily get receipts.

“It has become that culture that you have to get something just in case, like you have to take photos just in case, the world’s gone mad.”