A memorial bench to a much loved Braintree man has been put at the spot he used to gather with friends.

Friends and family of Sam Bearman, 24, marked the second anniversary of his death by unveiling the seat at a spot known locally as, The Bomb Hole, off the Fairview Estate in Braintree.

The former Alec Hunter Humanities College student died of meningitis in January 2011 and each year since his death a music festival, Big Bearfest, has been held in his memory.

His step-dad, Lee Barrett, said: “The bench marks the spot where Sam and his mates used to meet.

“One year they filmed their own version of The Blair Witch project there, it has a lot of memories for all his friends.”

The family paid for the bench themselves, it has a memorial plaque on it and is made of oak.

The bench was unveiled at 4pm on Sunday.